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The Action Forum Sideshow (Archived 9/11 conspiracy theories plus racist and anti-Semitic hate speech)

Tent #1 (hate speech)

Tent #2 (hate speech)

Humor: MoveOn discovers the TRUTH behind 9/11!

MoveOn's anti- Catholic hate ad attacks the Pope. Compare to Thomas Nast's 19th century cartoons. Official Bulletin backs Palestinians against Israel: cites Electronic Intifada's Judas goats, enablers, and stooges: National Jewish Democratic Council, Jewish Funds for Justice

National Jewish Democratic Council: Anti-Christian and Anti-Semitic Hate Organization

Democrats Embrace Al Sharpton's Racist National Action Network

NEW (August 2007) Anti-Semitic and Anti-Catholic Hate Speech at the Daily Kos

NEW (September 2007) MoveOn smears General Petraeus. How your Senators and Representatives voted on standing behind Petraeus

Blog:, Please Move On!

Downloadable Word hate speech documentation (about 650Kb)'s Anti-Catholic Hate Ad and Hate Speech

Q: What is the difference between the three anti-Catholic hate cartoons by Thomas Nast, and the one from
A: The one is in color; otherwise there is no difference whatsoever.
(19th-century "Know Nothings," as portrayed by Daniel Day Lewis' Bill the Butcher in "Gangs of New York," also come to mind.)

Schoolchildren being sacrificed to Catholic crocodiles
to help expose for the hate group it is.

PLEASE CIRCULATE THIS anti-Catholic hate speech from Google's cache: added 15 October 2006
Note: the Action Forum links no longer work because the Action Forum is still "on vacation" (having been taken down for good in October 2006). It is easy to see why.
300 Year War Began With Diebold Election Theft
Without the Rovian Election theft orchestrated by James Baker and the Future White House PNAC (PROJECT FOR THE NEW AMERICAN CENTURY) we would not be in a war with Iraq.

Bush. we know. had an intelligence briefing at Crawford on his birthday July 6 2001 that said BIN LADEN DETERMINED TO ATTACK WITHIN US.

Richard Clark whose "hair was on fire" from trying to get a meeting with Ms. Rice or anyone who could stop the attack was unlistened to, as were many other people who tried to get Ashcroft, or anyone, to listen to the same over-heated intelligence.

Able Danger knew about Atta and everyone knew that Bin Laden was a worker bee for the CIA. The head of Counter Terrorism for the FBI McNeil had quit and was working at the World Trade Center in Security.

Who knows exactly how it was all executed, but if you watch the movies Loose Change, or In Plane Site you could get some key points.

Fitzgerald is dealing in one small area, and we know that NSC was part of the outing of Valerie Plame, in punishment for what Joseph Wilson wrote in the Editorial about lies to launch the illegal war in IRAQ. Preemptive, which is PRETEXTUAL, just like the Bay of Tonkin incident was.

We have the congress bought and paid for, like fat dukes and duchess. They will not stop the war in Iran that was planned by the PNAC in 1996. The wars are about oil and gas, booty of war, whether they be gas lines from the Stans, Ubekistan, Karzistan, etc. or oil in Iran. We want IRAN's OIL.

That is the emperor's clothes, that we ignore that the PNAC wants the strategic interests of oil, gas rights in the middle east.

And we also ignore who makes money in the military industrial complex by the billions, and we pay the oil company billions in tax cuts when they make the largest profit in the world's history.

Democracy has become a ruse. If the bush co. needs martial law, they will bring it about like they did 9-11 and the USA Patriot Act.

Cheney will claim executive priveledge when they get to him okaying Libby outing Ms. Plame. see NSC, Cheney Aides Conspired to Out CIA Operative link below today.

Bush will claim executive priviledge when they get to the point of reading his "birthday" daily briefing about Bin Laden.

Bush does signing papers to not follow any laws and congress is fine with that.

John Yoo has helped usurp our freedoms, and he is from Korea.

Viet Dihn who wrote the USA PATRIOT ACT in 2000, ready to roll, as they say, just got a standing ovation for the Fuhrer Principle of presidential Executive- kingness.

They who have stolen the White House will destroy any records that threaten their coup of powerblitz, like they did about Able Danger who knew about Bin Laden and Atta pre-9-11 as well as the attack on the Cole.

Diebold is going to be certified to steal elections in all states and nobody in the senate is making a peep.

Rumsfeld owns many many millions of dollars of birdflu vaccine stock, and congress with Dr. Frist just made drug companies unsueable for vaccines, including ones responsible for autism epidemics in the USA.

We know more about the anthrax than we hear about, and it was Weaponized by the USA. So, is bird flu weaponized?

Ex-General Tommy Franks says one more attack and its martial law, suspension of the constititional rights. And we don't protect our ports. And we don't even hear an outcry. won't start an impeachment petition, nor a drive for fair accurate voting. We will not have a fair vote count, and the Government Accounting Office says we didn't have one in 2004, 2000, 2002. And the Supreme Court is packed with Opus Dei Catholics who support a monarchy, placed in the White House their own man they put there by stopping authentic vote count or having a open hearing about vote fraud.

So what part of democracy do you believe in?
- liberty pilgrim, concerned citizen (February 20, 2006; paradise, IN)
13 out of 14 voted to AGREE with this
Yesterday on Fox News Sunday they had Gop representative Duncan Hunter talking about a new Carribean Resort called Gitmo. They get served honey glazed chicken with rice pilaf to their "guests" on Sundays after a restful nights sleep. By the time he was done talking about the wonderful service provided to these dangerous criminals, my wife and I were ready to sign up for a couple nights. Mr. Hunter even bragged about the prisoners getting better food than our soldiers in Iraq. That isn't hard to imagine after hearing of the food served to our troops by Halliburton contractors. With all the thievery going on in Iraq I'm surprised that the troops haven't resorted to canibalism just to eat. Another point that Mr. Hunter stressed was the fact that 5000 Americans were slaughtered by these criminals in the World Trade Center. When BushCo was forced to pay reperations to the survivors, they whined and weaseled the total down to about 2800, from the original estimate of 5000. Now that the payments have been made and the grieving is done BushCo is more than willing to accept the previous figure of 5000. I always believed that the total was closer to 5000 and was embarressed when the politicos started to discount the human lives that weren't identifiable. Most of the 2200 that BushCo refused to acknowledge are still missing but because they could only find a leg or an arm they weren't assumed dead. Now that they need to reaffirm the atrocity in our minds, to justify the torture that has been reported, they become people again and the total goes back up to 5000. If someone has the capacity to summarily dismiss 2200 lives so they don't have to pay the families, then uses the deaths for political poll points, they also have the ability to allow it to happen in the first place. I always knew that we were considered collateral damage. Ahhnold even moved his movies release date from 9/12/01 to early the next winter. The name of the movie? Collateral Damage. What a nice Republican. Of course his reward was the Governorship of California. Remove the rhetoric and just look at the facts. That is what history does. Every criminal investigation begins with a conspiracy theory. Once the evidence begins to mount it becomes a coalition theory. What we have here is a coalition theory. If the Catholics and Southern Baptists can gang up on the rest of America to further their plans for world domination. Then a group of highly trained espionage experts shouldn't have a problem organising the attacks of 9/11. The red flag that keeps bothering me is the fact that not one of the sycophants that stopped the information flow has been publicly fired or chastised. Their identities have been kept absolutely secret. Every investigation has come to the conclusion that certain individuals stopped the information flow. Arrest those individuals for incompetence that led to the deaths of 5000 Americans. It's either incompetance or collusion. By protecting the identities of these individuals BushCo will forever carry the blame for 9/11. When listening to Republicans always remember that their primary objective is to protect their upline. George liked the 2800 number when it came time to pay. But 5000 sounds a lot better when you are trying to justify torture.
19 out of 21 voted to AGREE with this

 The hypocrisy of the Christian Conservatives was never more apparent to me than the day Cardinal Bernard Law admitted to having a list of 5,000 priests who were repeat sexual offenders, and Congress never thought to ask for a look at it. They let that slide, so the Catholic Church decided to open up a little more. The number admitted in the U.S. now is 12,000 since 1950. This doesn't take into accouint the number of priests who simply weren't caught either. How many victims weren't credible enough to be believed? Admitting to having the pedophiles is one thing. But to have Congress ignore the fact that there is a list that can be used to track them down, is abhorrant. The GOP is constantly throwing their spirituallity down the throats of the world. Yet when they have a chance to seek justice for thousands of suffering citizens after they've been betrayed by the "Father figure" of their religion, they change the topic. The GOP controls law enforcment, Congress, the White House, the Supreme Court, the Media and almost every prison in America. Having been ostracised, outcast, blacklisted, beat down, arrested, incarcerated, and labeled 'criminal for life' for possesion of a plant. I'm not happy listening to the superior attitude of the politicians and pedophiles trying to rule America today. You want to remove the influence of the Catholic Church on our children? Use the information the Church has provided to us, to prove that they no longer can be trusted around our children. Use the fact that our political leaders refuse to treat these people as criminals even though the Constitution and Blind Justice demand that they be treated like any other pervert. This is an amazingly distasteful subject and most people would rather chew off their own foot to escape, than talk about it. But the attempts by these same politicians to imprison for life, anyone they arbitrarily decide is beyond redemption, while allowing the church to not only hide these people but not tell America who they are, I can't accept. Start sending letters to our leaders asking them why they don't care that the Catholics are hiding 12,000 perverts. Point blank. Ask them if they are part of the cult. As a caring human who doesn't like to see human suffering, I don't understand. I've gotten past the point of being concerned and I'm really tired of the superior attitude of the supposedly religious leaders of America. I think we should push the issue in a rational, matter of fact, manner. Just ask them, "Why won't the GOP leadership demand an investigation into the locations of these pedophiles so they can be placed on a sexual offenders list"? Pedophilia begets pedophilia. And it doesn't have anything to do with religion. Pedophiles are predators, they prey on children. They take our tax dollars, and the GOP has them running our schools. Investigate before it goes too far.
11 out of 12 voted to AGREE with this

For the USA to stay united we need a National Union Party. The path to ethnic cleansing always involves religion and the exacerbation of tensions between multiple groups. In America this has always been hard to duplicate because we want everyone to, "melt dammit". By not assimilating and becoming part of the ethnic group called American, they've set the stage to awaken ancient rivalries and religious tensions. Both current parties are so busy solidifying their base and polarizing the opposition for their personal fun and profit they don't see the underlying danger to their actions. The only thin protecting us is a strict adherence to the rule of law. When does victim class America start to draw away from the educated elite and start forming their own communities like the Indians in Canada? 60 Miles SW of Ottawa the Canadian neo-cons are trying to take the land the aborigines have had for centuries and sell it to put suburban yuppie scum with hummers. They've blockaded thew road burned bridges and are currently having a standoff with the authorities. I see this in the future for the victim class. Unless a mechanism is created to stabilize our nation and insert the "will of the people" through boycotts, work stoppages, and a drastic organized change in consumerism. Humans are sheep. Especially the modern day human educated since the early eighties when the Catholics were allowed to steal our education money for their pedophile creating private schools. A National Union Party could also force the seperation of Church and State, equal justice for all, universal health care, a living wage, the elimination of the monopolies, and a system where the people in charge of enforcing the laws will face criminal charges for not doing their job. The people running America today are organized criminals looking to steal as much as they can to edify their upline. Since the Constitution tells me that I'M their upline, not the corpporate whores of America, they don't deserve to pretend that they represent us. The only tool that has the capacity to intrude on the slobbering blood gorged military industrial complex is a National Union Party. When people like Feinstein and Liebermen constantly make war noises, only to find out later that their families are getting fat off the blood of Iraqi's. It's time for a change. A drastic change too. The term Union is all inclusive. It implys a mechanism that can deal with the loss of manufacturing and transform it into a tool for environmental change. Georgie and the boyshate Americans because we won't work for pennies. But what happens when the Indians, Pakistanis and Chinese all demand unions? These traitorous bastards will want to come home with no penalties. A National Union Party could greet tham at the USA controlled ports. We need a sense of National pride. We need a mechanism to combat the collusion of wealthy elite manufacturing families and develop a system where if a familiy exhibits anti-democracy tendencies, we can usurp their wealth and imprison them. We need to ensure that no more oil wars are started like the one in Darfur where the UK, US, and Dutch oil companies are funding the genocide. George made what was considered a mistake by the Chinese when he introduced his new banker to America the other day. He called their country the "Republic of China", not the "Peoples Republic of China". Why? Because he's subliminal man. "We the people". The "Peoples Republic of China"? George doesn't want to encourage "We the people" to exert ourselves. Don't expect help from the boomers either. At least not for another couple of years. They haven't discovered their mortality yet. They still think they ARE god. It isn't until people start to feel their mortality do they feel vulnerable enough to embrace things bigger than themselves, like religion. Poor people believe for one reason. We are born with a sense of mortality. Living in an area where the Rockefellers shit, it has always been apparent to me that they could literally kill me for no reason and expect the community to rally to their side. This attutude filters down hill too. I've lost many friends who were treated like disposable humans because they were poor and the drunk driver was rich, or the person we suspect murdered our friend came from a good family, and our friend didn't. You wonder why poor people like guns and believe in God? Because when left unchecked the educateds always start thinking they don't need us. They don't need us now, they've got slaves in China. A National Union Party would give us all hope. Mexicans, Chinese, Americans, and poor people. You say it can't happen here? Try stripping for cash at a Duke Fratboy party.
3 out of 4 agreed.
I am continually dismayed by our lack of focus on the president's dangerous religious beliefs and how they are informing the agenda of his administration. As an Evangelical Christian, the president is doing his part to hasten armageddon, as evidenced by his middle-east policies. He would like nothing more than full scale war between the Jews, Christians and Muslims, as has been prophesisied in the Bible. Also keep in mind that the Evangelicals have no great love for the Baptists or the Catholics, many of whom the president managed to kill in New Orleans. Yet the president's Evangelical Christian agenda is largely ignored - and it needs to be exposed.
9 out of 11 voted to AGREE with this

I am 68 years old and afraid like never before over the future of our country. The neo-cons and religious right have effectively formed a Theoneocon, Christo-facist state. It is not sufficient to elect Democrats to congress this year, but Democrats, Greens, Independents, and liberal Republicans who will be willing to impeach. This criminal cabal must be brought to justice.

Nothing is being said about the five Catholic justices,three of whom would rewrite the constitution to destroy Church/State separation. They believe that God, the bible and faith supercede our Constitution, and that our leaders are acting with divine sanction. I know that Article VI states that religion shall not be a test for public office. It does not say, however, that the Senate can not question someone who hold beliefs that are in oppostion to the constitution, which all office holders must swear to uphold. The idea of a "Unitary Executive" has been praised by Alito. He clearly believes in a hierarchial concept of government, rather than one which comes from the governed. Why was this not highlighted by the Senate and the press?

29 out of 30 voted to AGREE with this

By continuing the attack on the GOP's culture of corruption with a call to arrest the Catholic pedophiles of America, we have the ability to break up the perverts and criminals running the country today. WE know there are hundreds of thousands of pedophiles created by the Catholic church's shuffling them around since 1950. WE know most of these people went on to higher education. By pushing for a complete outing of the 12,000 pedophiles they've admitted to so far we can put incredible pressure on any politicians who might be part of the cult. How many DeLay types want their constituents to find out that they've taken advantage of the teenage sex trade of the Marianas islands? How many victims of these pedophiles are now working in our schools, boy scout camps, governments and police forces? How would this impact the secret societies like the Skull and Boners if half their membership were convicted for sex crimes involving their highest ranking members? There is a reason why our Government refused to prosecute these citizens for covering-up this scandal for over 50 years. The citizens of America haven't given up on this, it's the politico's who really want us to shut up. It isn't like America is the only country in the world to have this problem either. Ireland a couple months ago booted the Catholics as a National religion. As long as the GOP led Congress keeps preventing the prosecution of people like Bernard Law for deliberately violating the laws of the country he's a citizen of, I'll continue to believe that our elected leaders are like-minded individuals. Pedophiles beget pedophiles. In my area they are trying to figure out a way to keep the victims of these crimes imprisoned for life after they serve their sentence. Priests abuse citizens and don't get arrested. The citizens they molested go on to create more pedophiles, but they ain't priests, so they go to prison. As they should. But until the priests are hounded down and arrested like the baby rapers they are, the neverending cycle will continue. You want to throw a monkey wrench in both political parties? Call for the arrest and immediate incarceration of the Catholic Pedophiles of America. Then we can do a little research. These priests were teachers. Find out who their students were and do a cross reference to see how many elected leaders were "educated" by them. Records of arrests for pedophilia have been kept for years. Are the hotspots of pedophilia in areas where the priests were relocated to? Until our elected leaders pursue this matter we won't know if the people we entrust our children to are people we can trust, or people trying to lower the age of consent to birth.
8 out of 9 voted to AGREE with this

THE POWERS THAT RUN THIS COUNTRY ARE EVIL, PURE EVIL. THIS IS WHAT THEY DO TO IRAQ'S CHILDREN. Where are the pro lifers? Why aren't they doing anything to stop this? Pat Robertson, Pope Nazi, Billy Graham, Jimmy Swaggart, Benny Hinn, Tammy Baker anybody? This is what you're paying the military undustrial complex to do. Do not act suprised. It has always been this way. If you do nothing, it will always be this way. Remember the Native Americans we holocausted in the last century? When disease and the eradication of the bufallo failed, we galloped into their villages and slaghtered them like animals and were paid for their scalps, as in any holocaust, children were not spared. Nothing has changed! When we find people with something we want, we either steal it, and leave them empoverished and starving, or kill them and steal it. This is and has always been the case without exeption. Did you ever think that you and your family might be next one day? Do not EVER under estimate evil. It will be the last thing you ever do. The Democrats are every bit as evil as anyone in power in this country. Their purpose is to pretend to care about us and about peace, then loose the next election by not defending themselves, or even their families from bogus attacks by the right wing propaganda machine which runs 24/7. Even on the few occasions when they do win to give us a little faith, they don't do anything and blame the right for their lack of testicular fortitude. Most, like Clinton use the opportunity to sell out even more to the real powers in this country. Do you really think that in five years of the exact same lies, and in all the preventable death and destruction the Democrats can't come up with a strategy to bring the neocons down? Democrats haven't steered us away from fascism because they have not been ordered to by their controllers. I assure you, there isn't a single Democrat who is unaware of the struggle for 911 truth. There isn't a single democrat who is unaware of what Depleted Uranium does to unborn children. There isn't a single Democrat who hasn't seen the dead Iraqi children, infants, and parents holding dead children. Democrats signed your freedoms away on both patriot act bills. Democrats oppose the second ammendment because they don't want you to be armed when troops or police come for you and yours. Democrats are approving an increased deficit to fund more killing and more resource theft; a burden to which we will all be enslaved for the rest of our lives. The Democrats do not act because they do not care. They could all walk out of their respective chambers tomorrow and rally thousands of protesters if they wanted to. They could shut down the government until the troops came home and the killing stopped. They will do no such thing. They are simply following the orders of their masters. Sure, there are a few who speak out on occasion CynthiaMkinney, Dennis Kucinich, and John Conyers. They are too little too late. Maybe they can join another party that really gives a shit when 1000 Americans are about to drown in a cat 5 hurricane. The Democratic party must go!!! Shout down every democrat whenever they open their mouths. Plaster every democrat's office and their cars with pictures of disfigured corpses of dead Iraqi civilians, especially babies and children that they could have saved but chose not to. Feel free to soak them and their cars with red paint to symbolize the bloodshed they could have stopped years ago. Democrats will not be expecting lots of protesters because most of us fall for that left/right lie. I don't care if every office in the land from president to dog catcher is taken by a Republican. I would rather have an enemy I can trust to be evil than a "friend" I cannot trust at all.
14 out of 15 voted to AGREE with this
From a file of 2500 Action Forum postings downloaded prior to the forum's being taken down for good.

Just the concept of pedophiles being so advanced as to be able to create a network of "like-minded" individuals within our society is enough to make people shut down on this posting.
Can you imagine an organized group of pedophiles, training others to become, or accept pedophiles?
It sure is a good thing we have elected leaders to prevent these things. Or do we?
Mr. Karr is a highly educated teacher who has been getting shuffled around the world since Jon Benet was murdered. Who has been providing the references that allow him to do these things?
I want to know if this man was a privately educated Catholic school graduate. I wanna know if one of the pedophiles Congress refuses to "out", trained Mr. Karr. Since the Catholic Diocese admitted to knowing of 12,000 pedophiles since 1950. Mr. Karr could have been passed around like a $2 whore by these priests and we would never know. And the GOP Congress refuses to ask.
If 12,000 pedophiles educated 200 students each over their careers, how many highly educated Mr. Karr's could be operating in America and around the world?

Do you still feel comfortable having the Catholics in charge of educating our children?
IMO, any politician

3691. Help restore the rule of law.
If we start to focus on the known criminals in the GOP like DeLay, Ney, Ralph Reed, Cunningham, Libby, Frist and all the other GOP "trendsetters", eventually the rank and file GOP'ers will be so embarressed to call themselves Republicans thta they should hide their head in shame for supporting this group of miscreants. As a citizen who has heard a judge say, "I'm gonna make an example outta you, Boy!" I am amazingly offended by all the so-called citizens who have no problem with the crimes perpetuated by  these ultra fortunate rich folk. Don't you understand that when they are done us, they will turn their attention to you? Either attack them first through the acceptance and enforcment of our Constitution or get used to  teaching your child that they will have a master. It never ends with the victim class because they only have to change the criteria to create another group to be persecuted. The vicitm class will expand until you too can be jailed for    ridiculously minor offenses while the Catholics are raping your children.
94% voted to AGREE that the Catholics are raping your children.

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