"I'm Handgun Control International"

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Good old boys. Fine, upstanding White men who stand up for White Pride. Nearly 100 years ahead of today's "liberals" in promoting and enacting strict gun control laws.
  • from http://www.webnexus.com/users/pactive/library/racial.txt (Tennessee, 1870) "In the first legislative session in which they gained control, white supremacists passed "An Act to Preserve the Peace and Prevent Homicide," which banned the sale of all handguns except the expensive "Army and Navy model handgun" which whites already owned or could afford to buy, and blacks could not. ("Gun Control:  White Man's Law," William R. Tonso, Reason, December 1985)  Upheld in Andrews v. State, 50 Tenn. (3 Heisk.)165, 172 (1871) (GMU CR LJ, p. 74) ... As B. Bruce-Briggs has written in the Public Interest, `It is difficult to escape the conclusion that the `Saturday Night Special' is emphasized because it is cheap and being sold to a particular class of people. The name is sufficient evidence -- the reference is to `niggertown Saturday night.'"
  • From Aaron Zelman and Richard Stevens (JPFO), "Gun Control is Racist": High taxes on the sale of handguns to prevent poor Black persons from buying them (Alabama, 1893, and Texas, 1907)
Could have been overheard at a Klan meeting

"Hey there, Billy Jeff! How is the gun control legislation going?" 
"Pretty good, Fleagle the Kleagle. We're passing laws to restrict or ban inexpensive handguns that are often purchased by the 'wrong' elements of society, if you get my meaning." 
"Sure do, Billy Jefferson. It would be pretty bad if, the next time we decided to lynch a [Black] or maybe hitch him to the back of a pickup truck and give him a nice ride the way they did in Jasper, Texas, he was to pull one of them 'Saturday Night Specials' and shoot hisself some of the good old boys!" 
"You mean 'N****rtown Saturday Night Specials,' don't you, Fleagle the Kleagle? That's what we called them back in the 19th century." 
"'N****rtown Saturday Night Specials' is right, Billy Jeff. Them 'liberals' think us good old boys is ignorant white trash, but they don't even know the racist origin of one of their favorite buzzwords! Sounds like they're the ignorant ones."

The Ku Klux Klan:
"We're Handgun Control International"

Handgun Control International symbolizes domestic and international efforts (e.g. United Nations) to restrict firearm ownership by law-abiding American citizens. It is not affiliated with Handgun Control Inc., although their agendas are very similar.
"Gun Control is Racist" can be ordered from Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, http://www.jpfo.org, 414-673-9745. The author of this page does not represent JPFO, but recommends it as a source of information.