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The Gun Control Movement's Dirty Laundry

These are the kinds of people and organizations that represent (as leaders) the American gun control movement

    • Criminals: people who have been convicted of (or pleaded guilty to) crimes, often felonies
      • Convicted violent gun felon Million Mom Marcher Barbara Graham, aka Lipscomb
      • International financier George Soros, found guilty of insider trading
      • Convicted white-collar felon Mario Biaggi (D-NY)
      • Convicted (pardoned by his friend Bill Clinton) white-collar felon Dan Rosetnkowski (D-IL)
      • Convicted violent gun felon Amy Fisher, the "Long Island Lolita" who shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco
      • Convicted violent gun felon Eric Kaplan (D-FL, "F"-rated by NRA voter guide, convicted of attempted murder of the wife of his NRA-"A" rated opponent)
      • Convicted felon Bobby Rush (D-IL), former member of an organization known for killing police officers. "The Revolution has begun, it's time to pick up a gun. Off the pigs!"
      • Convicted felon Rod Blagojevich (D-IL)
      • INDICTED: Ray Nagin, the New Orleans mayor who ordered illegal gun confiscation
    • Online pornography site owners. Legal? Yes, and I believe it should stay that way. It's still sleaze, low-class, and trashy-- and thus highly representative of the gun control movement as a whole.
    • Hypocrites: they believe in strict gun laws for everybody but themselves
      • Scientific poll shows that 3 out of 4 gun owners support licensing and registration
      • An ode to Washington Post columnist Carl "Warning Shot" Rowan
      • New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine: reckless driving endangers other motorists before causing a high-speed crash
    • Proven liars: opportunists and flim-flam men/women who lie to the public and even their own supporters
      • The Brady Center, also known as Handgun Control Inc., aka the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence (CPHV), and its long track record of lying
      • Sarah Brady speaks with forked tongue
      • Mary Leigh Blek, Million Mom March, now a proven liar according to United Nations records
        • NEW 7/30/03 The United Nations "corrects" Ms. Blek's statement two years later.
      • Million Mom March founder Donna Dees-Thomases and "12 children a day"
      • The Violence Policy Center openly states its intention to lie to the public.
        • The VPC is also funded by convicted inside trader George Soros
    • Michael Bellesiles' Arming America: the antigun movement's crowning disgrace
      • Bellesiles resigns from Emory Univeristy
      • Columbia University revokes Bancroft Prize for Arming America
      • National Endowment for the Humanities withdraws fellowship
      • Alfred Knopf stops publication of Arming America
    • Election fraud promoters: people who want dogs and dead people to vote (if they're Democrats)
      • Brady Center fined by Federal Election Commission for failing to disclose campaign expenditures
    • Gray Davis of California: dishonest and incompetent
    • People who send terroristic threats through the U.S. Mail (a felony) Greeting card threatens Second Amendment Sister with anthrax
    • Honarary traitors to their country
    • Common Cause President Scott Harshbarger (the same Harshbarger who was involved in the notorious Amirault case in Massachusetts). Common Cause has filed an ethics complaint against Attorney General John Ashcroft, let's look at Common Cause's ethics.

    Apparent Million Mom March Foundation tax return "problems"

Convicted Criminals for Gun Control
I propose this new organization for convicted criminals who are against the idea of honest citizens owning guns.  Here are some people I propose for charter membership:

  1. Million Mom Marcher Barbara Graham (aka Lipscomb) was convicted of "trying to avenge her son's death by shooting a young man she blamed for the killing." Donna St. George, "Mother Convicted in Shooting," Washington Post, Friday, 2/2/01.
    • I guess Washington DC's "common sense gun laws" didn't prevent Ms. Graham from acquiring a gun, carrying it illegally, using it to take the law into her own hands (against a man who turned out to be innocent), and paralyzing the victim of her violent gun felony from the waist down.
  2. Former New York Congressman (now just "con," as in convicted felon) Mario Biaggi said that only police officers should be allowed to have guns. Civilian Biaggi had to surrender two handguns after he was convicted of a felony in the Wedtech scandal.
  3. Congressman Dan Rostenkowski (D-IL) undoubtedly supported Bill Clinton's gun control initiatives. He had to do some time in the Federal "country club" after a felony conviction. PARDONED BY BILL CLINTON: NO SURPRISE.
  4. International financier George Soros, convicted of insider trading
    • "THE US financier George Soros was convicted of insider trading  by a French court today and ordered to pay a 2.2 million euro  ($A4.01 million) fine."
    • Washington Post: "Soros Found Guilty of Insider Trading." "PARIS, Dec. 20 -- A French court today convicted  billionaire philanthropist George Soros of insider trading  for stock transactions 14 years ago and ordered him to  pay a fine of $2.2 million, roughly the same amount he made in the sales."
    • Soros insider trading conviction upheld on appeal (March 2005).
  5. Amy Fisher
    • Associated Press, "Amy Fisher to Begin Anti-Gun Campaign" " Amy Fisher, who set off a frenzy of tabloid headlines a decade ago when she shot her lover's wife, celebrated the end of her parole by announcing her intention to work for causes aimed at keeping handguns away from minors." [Like the laws Ms. Fisher violated when, at age sixteen, she used a handgun to commit a violent felony?] "...Fisher was released from prison in 1999 after serving seven years for shooting Mary Jo Buttafuoco in the head ...Fisher was having an affair with Buttafuoco's auto mechanic husband at the time." Amy Fisher, a paragon of the character and integrity of the leaders of the anti-Second Amendment movement.

  6. Florida legislature candidate Eric Kaplan supported handgun registration, a ban on some firearms, and mandatory exams for handgun ownership. He received an "F" rating from the NRA Institute for Legislative Action, a true badge of honor in the antigun community. He chose a very dramatic way to show why certain people shouldn't have guns. Kaplan fired several .38 slugs into the home of his opponent, Robert Starks (rated "A" by NRA-ILA) and wounded Stark's wife, Judith. According to the Naples (Florida) Daily News (Associated Press), 10/13/97, Kaplan pleaded "no contest" to attempted second degree murder.
    • "SANFORD - A former state legislative candidate who was to be retried Monday for shooting into the home of his political opponent and wounding the man's wife instead pleaded no contest to attempted second-degree murder." "Eric Kaplan, the Democratic challenger to Rep. Bob Starks, was accused of shooting the Republican lawmaker's wife, Judith Starks, in the leg when he fired randomly into windows of the Starks' Maitland home on Sept. 27, 1992."
  7. Bobby Rush (D-IL), a convicted criminal and former Black Panther (from the era in which the Panthers were killing police officers) proposed a bill to require licensing of all handguns and semiautomatic firearms (H.R. 45).
  8. Rod Blagojevich, D-IL, a convicted felon who wanted to outlaw semiautomatic firearms, is now a convicted felon who can own no firearms whatsoever.
  9. New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, who ordered the illegal confiscation of firearms, is now under indictment for corruption.

Now look at the proud history of New York City's Sullivan Law:

Thugs-R-Us for Gun Control

" the end of the 19th century there was a district in Brooklyn known as Red Hook, whose high crime rate was responsible for many attacks (including murders) against people from all parts of New York who were passing through. As a result, those who ventured into Red Hook began to carry pistols for protection, something which both increased the risks and lowered the rewards for the local criminal enterprise. In order to reverse their declining fortunes, the criminal gangs persuaded their corrupt assemblyman, Sullivan, to force a bill through the legislature making it a felony to carry a concealed weapon. Passed at the insistence of the criminals who had made Red Hook dangerous in the first place, New York's Sullivan Law has long been hailed as a landmark piece of gun control legislation."

See "Terminal Frost," by Eric J. Obermeyer

Image credits and copyright:

The Internet's red light district: Lew Payne Publishing and wants you to sign a petition to this effect. "We, the people, therefore call upon you, our elected representatives, to enact legislation to remove all guns and firearms from private ownership." Well, let's see who owns this fine and upstanding Web domain. The domain registrar is, and a whois query at reveals:

domain:         GOODBYEGUNS.ORG
                     owner-address:  Lew Payne Publishing, Inc.

Furthermore, Network Solutions shows that Lewis De Payne (or DePayne) is indeed the owner of Lew Payne Publishing, Inc.

Technical Contact:
Payne, Lewis De  (LDP3)  lew "at" LPPI.COM    (@ changed to "at" to thwart address harvesters)
Lew Payne Publishing, Inc.

Let's look at the fine upstanding Web domains that go with LPPI.COM. As a Libertarian, I think it should be 100 percent legal for Lew Payne Publishing Inc. to offer explicit pornography to adults. (Since this site is supposed to be PG-13 I am not going to list specific domains that trace, via WhoIs queries, to, although they're fairly easy to find via search engines.) Legality and morality/ self-respect do not necessarily go together (for example, while I do not think a marijuana or cocaine user should go to jail, I would not marry or hire one) so these sites are certainly a commentary on the character of the organization that owns

It's legal, I think it should continue to be legal, I support Mr. Payne's (or De Payne's) right to put this material on the Internet, I am against the Communications Decency Act (CDA), but it's still sleaze. The image of things crawling out of holes or from under rocks becomes quite vivid as we examine the gun control movement in detail.

Hypocrites for Gun Control

These people believe that strict gun control laws should apply to everyone but themselves.

  • Mario Biaggi:, D-NY former Congressman, now just "con" as in convicted felon
  • Dianne Feinstein, D-CA
  • Ted Kennedy, D-MA See Stephen Solarz below
  • Carol Moseley-Braun, D-IL (ex-Senator, Illinois finally did something intelligent) "Anti-gun U.S. Senator Carol Moseley-Braun, a lawyer, who "doesn't know" whether her .22 caliber pistol is registered in Chicago, as required. [BTW, that's a crime ...] (another hypocrite)
  • Carl Rowan, Washington Post Columnist
  • Stephen Solarz, D-NY  "Anti-gun Rep. Stephen Solarz's bodyguards, recently arrested by Capitol police for illegally toting 9 mm semi-autos and assorted brass knuckles and blackjacks, weren't up to speed. Readers will recall that Sen. Edward Kennedy's bodyguard was toting a submachine gun when capitol police nabbed him in what the Massachusett's senator's office called a "technical" violation. New York's Solarz, like Kennedy, is a pernnial supporter of laws to disarm other people and a sponsor of this year's rendition of the Brady waiting period bill." -- American Rifleman, April 1991, page 20
  • HCI spokesman Joseph D. McNamara thinks the limousine liberals, wealthy celebrities, and lords and ladies of the manor should have firearms, and to hell with the peasants. "As much as I oppose the average person's having a gun, I recognize that some people have a legitimate need to own one. A wealthy corporate executive who fears his family might get kidnapped is one such person. A Hollywood celebrity who has to protect himself from kooks is another. If Sharon Tate had had access to a gun during the Manson killings, some innocent lives might have been saved." -- Joseph D. McNamara (San Jose, CA ex-Police Chief, and HCI spokesman), Safe and Sane (book) ,1984, p. 71-72.
  • Rosie O'Donnell. "You aren't allowed to own a gun" means YOU, not WE

Scientific poll finds that 75% of gun owners believe that handgun owners should be licensed and registered.

  • Rosie O'Donnell: "As a rich and affluent limousine liberal who can get a gun license for myself or my hired bodyguard, I believe that handguns should be registered and gun owners licensed. This will deter most commoners from possessing handguns." YES
  • Ted Kennedy: "As a rich man's rich boy who never did a (hic!) lick of honest work in his life but who is now an important (hic!) Senator, I agree with Ms. O'Donnell. I have enough pull to get my bodyguard a license for a machine pistol and even to get him out of trouble when he tries to (hic!) carry it into a building where it's illegal." YES
  • Million Mom Marcher Barbara Graham (or Lipscomb, or whatever): "No, I didn't get a license to own the handgun I used in Washington DC to gun down an innocent man, to leave him paralyzed from the waist down. I know DC's common-sense gun laws required me to do so but I didn't bother. It's such a nuisance when you want to take the law into your own hands and conduct a trial and execution on the street." NO
  • Dianne Feinstein: "I'm an important Senator like my colleague, the fat drunk from Massachusetts. I should therefore be able to get a concealed-carry license if I think I'm being threatened. Like Mr. Kennedy, I have enough pull and influence to do so. As for the peasantry, if I had my way, you'd all have to surrender your handguns." YES

An Ode to Washington Post Columnist Carl "Warning Shot" Rowan 

"This Land is My Land" (to the tune of "This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land")
An Ode to Carl "Warning Shot" Rowan

This land is my land, it isn't your land
I have a handgun, and you ain't got one
In Washington, you cannot own a gun
Unless you're rich and powerful like me.
This land is my land, it isn't your land
I have a handgun, and you ain't got one
If you don't get off, I'll blow your hand off
This land belongs to only me.

New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine: reckless driving endangers other motorists before causing high-speed crash

CAMDEN, N.J. - The SUV carrying Gov. Jon S. Corzine was traveling about 91 mph moments before it crashed, Superintendent of State Police Col. Rick Fuentes said Tuesday. The speed limit along that stretch of the parkway is 65 mph.

26 miles an hour over the limit is considered a misdemeanor (not a mere summary offense or infraction) in New York, although other states may have other laws. It's good for something like 5-6 points (12 = license suspension) in Pennsylvania.

The state trooper-driven sport utility vehicle was in the left lane with its emergency lights flashing when a pickup tried to get out of its way. Instead, it set off a chain reaction that resulted in the crash.

In other words, Corzine's driver (under Corzine's supervision) was abusing an emergency vehicle by using its flashing lights in a non-emergency situation while forcing a pickup truck to "get out of its way," thus putting that motorist's life at risk. Then the SUV crashed, with serious injuries to Corzine, who was not wearing his seat belt. It looks like Mother Nature (she can be one mean mother) did not accord him the special privileges he thought should accompany his position, because she put him in the hospital with serious injuries. Nonetheless, we wish him a speedy and full recovery.

Proven Liars for Gun Control

The Brady Center
also known as Handgun Control Inc., aka the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence (CPHV). All those "aka-s" remind one of a hoodlum with a mile-long rap sheet, don't they? I wonder why they have to keep changing their name and using more than one name. Here is some information on the Brady Center:

Sarah Brady

I once had more respect for her, especially considering the injustice that was done to her husband by John Hinkley. Unfortunately, her misrepresentation of the relationship between firearm purchases and suicides shows that truth is the first casualty of war. See the leaflet, "Sarah Brady Speaks with Forked Tongue."

Million Mom March leader Mary Leigh Blek

Ms. Blek provided the following testimony to the United Nations on July 16 2001:

MARY LEIGH BLEK, Million Mom March:  The gun lobby has been talking for 40 minutes.  During that time, 40 people have died from the use of small arms and light weapons in this country.  That figure, not the statement of those representatives, is further proof that this country is at war.

One death per minute times 60 minutes per hour times 24 hours per day times 365 days per year = 525,600 deaths per year, more deaths than our country suffered from the Second World War. This is an outright lie and Ms. Blek was kind enough to let her friends in the United Nations record it in black and white. The pro-Second Amendment side will soon have this all over the country to further discredit the entire gun control movement.

United Nations "corrects" Mary Leigh Blek's statement, modified on Tuesday, July 01, 2003 5:44:55 PM, now says,

MARY LEIGH BLEK, Million Mom March:  The gun lobby has been talking for 40 minutes.  During that time, 40 people around the world have been shot dead with the weapons they promote and sell.  That figure, not the statement of those representatives, is further proof that this country is at war.

Note their failure to cover their coverup completely: "further proof that this country is at war." The UN lists this change as a "correction" per

In Press Release DC/2792, issued on 16 July 2001, the statement of MARY LEIGH BLEK, Million Mom March, on page 10 should read, as follows:

MARY LEIGH BLEK, Million Mom March:  The gun lobby has been talking for 40 minutes.  During that time, 40 people around the world have been shot dead with the weapons they promote and sell.  That figure, not the statement of those representatives, is further proof that this country is at war. 

Remember the pig in Animal Farm who kept rewriting the Constitution? "No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets." "No animal shall kill any other animal without cause." "No animal shall drink alcohol to excess." And there's the ever-popular one from 1984: "Oceania is at war with Eurasia" [messenger hands speaker a note] "EASTASIA. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia."

Well, it's always possible that the UN misreported Ms. Blek's original words, although it's hard to confuse "in this country" with "around the world" and get a whole sentence wrong. It's also possible that the Million Moms did not read the transcript, although most people like to see their statements in print. I personally do not believe this story, but I suppose it's possible.

Million Mom March founder Donna Dees-Thomases

The Million Mom March (on Ms. Dees-Thomases' watch)  lied to its own marchers, sponsors, and media contacts when it claimed that firearm violence kills 12 children a day (1997 figures). The MMM included young adults in their figure. This age group includes many violent criminals who kill each other or die by defensive gunfire from police or armed citizens. The MMM wants you to think, though, that they're innocent kids who find unattended guns, play with them, and shoot playmates by accident. It's Clintonese: "That depends on what you mean by 'children.'" The issue isn't "How many deaths from firearm misuse are acceptable?" because the answer is zero; our side and theirs differ only on how to achieve this. It's about lying versus telling the truth.

Use the Center for Disease Control's web site at See what you get for firearm-related deaths (all intents, including suicide) for 1997 (the MMM's source of "12 kids a day"), ages 0-17 (minors), and no age adjusting. Divide by 365.

Donna Dees-Thomases is connected to Hillary Clinton (D-NY) through Susan Thomases. Do you belive Ms. Dees-Thomases was just "an ordinary Mom" who wanted to do something about guns, or is she a manipulative schemer like Hillary Clinton who came up with innovative ways to support Al Gore's Presidential campaign?

The Violence Policy Center

This organization has openly stated its intention to deceive the public about so-called "assault weapons."
In 1999, the organization received a $400,000 donation from convicted inside trader George Soros' Open Society Institute.

Michael Bellesiles' Arming America: The antigun movement's crowning disgrace

January 2003: Alfred A. Knopf ceases publication of Arming America

Publisher Stops History Book Publication      Tue Jan 7, 5:34 PM ET

 By HILLEL ITALIE, Associated Press Writer

 NEW YORK - Publication has been halted on a disputed book about the history of guns in the United States.

 Questions about Michael Bellesiles' "Arming America" had already led Columbia University to rescind the prestigious Bancroft Prize for history.

...Jane Garrett, Bellesiles'  editor, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the publisher would no longer sell it.

 "We are in the process of ending our contractual arrangement with Michael for `Arming America,'" Garrett said.

December 2002: Columbia University revokes Bancroft Prize for History. Typical of the character, ethics, and integrity of the anti-Second Amendment movement

Columbia Rescinds History Prize for Book

 By HILLEL ITALIE        Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK (AP)--Severe doubts about a book on guns in the United States has led Columbia University to rescind the prestigious Bancroft Prize for history.

"Arming America,'' by Michael Bellesiles, had received the award in 2001.

In a statement released Friday, Columbia said that the school's trustees had concluded ``his book had not and does not meet the standards ... established for the Bancroft Prize.'' Columbia has asked Bellesiles to return the prize money, $4,000.

May 2002: National Endowment for the Humanities withdraws fellowship

NEH halts backing for gun  historian's grant            By Robert Stacy McCain       THE WASHINGTON TIMES

 The National Endowment for the Humanities has  withdrawn its name from a fellowship for a professor facing  accusations of research fraud over his book about the history of gun ownership in America.

Chicago's Newberry Library "was in error when it awarded an NEH-supported fellowship" to Emory University history professor    Michael Bellesiles, NEH Deputy  Chairman Lynne Munson wrote Monday in a letter to Newberry officials.

'Arming America' Author on Paid Leave Pending Probe
By Jeff Johnson Congressional Bureau Chief
August 26, 2002

Capitol Hill ( - The author of a controversial book, which claims there was no widespread ownership of firearms by U.S. citizens prior to the Civil War, has been removed from his teaching position at Emory University, the school announced Thursday.

The main thesis of the work is that, prior to the Civil War, "the majority of American men did not care about guns. They were indifferent to owning guns, and they had no apparent interest in learning how to use them." [Click on the link to read the entire story]

Bellesiles resigns from Emory University: note the appropriate date (St. Crispin's Day, proposed 2nd Amendment holiday)

October 25, 2002
 Robert A. Paul, Interim Dean of Emory College
 I have accepted the resignation of Michael Bellesiles from his position as Professor of History at Emory University, effective December 31, 2002.

Emory Investigative Committee Report (.pdf file)

Questions addressed by the committee:
1. Did Professor Bellesiles engage in "intentional fabrication or falsification of research data" in connection with probate records from Rutland County, Vermont?
2. Did Professor Bellesiles engage in "intentional fabrication or falsification of research data" in connection with probate records from Providence, Rhode Island?
3. Did Professor Bellesiles engage in "intentional fabrication or falsification of research data" in connection with probate records from the San Francisco Bay area?
4. Did Professor Bellesiles engage in "intentional fabrication or falsification of research data" in connection with probate records supporting the figures in Table One to his book, "Arming America: The Origins of a National Gun Culture"?
5. Did Professor Bellesiles engage in "other serious deviations “from accepted practices in carrying out or reporting results from research” with respect to probate records or militia census records by:
(a) Failing to carefully document his findings;
(b) Failing to make available to others his sources, evidence, and data; or
(c) Misrepresenting evidence or the sources of evidence."

In summary, we find on Questions 1 and 2, that despite serious failures of and carelessness in the gathering and presentation of archival records and the use of quantitative analysis, we cannot speak of intentional fabrication or falsification. On Question 3, we find that the strained character of Professor Bellesiles’ explanation raises questions about his veracity with respect to his account of having consulted probate records in San Francisco County. On Question 4, dealing with the construction of the vital Table One, we find evidence of falsification. And on Question 5, which raises the standard of professional historical scholarship, we find that Professor Bellesiles falls short on all three counts.

Dr. Bellesiles' side of the story here (pdf file)

A Revision of Henry V's famous speech, dedicated to Michael Bellesiles and Arming America

He that shall live this day, and see old age,
Will yearly on the vigil remind his neighbours and the public
And say 'To-morrow is Saint Crispian:'
Then will he pull forth Michael Bellesiles' resignation
And say 'These wounds the antigun movement had on Crispin's day.'
Old men forget: yet all shall be forgot,
But he'll remember with advantages
What feats we did that day: then shall Bellesiles' shoddy scholarship
Familiar in our mouths as household words
"intentional fabrication or falsification of research data,"
"other serious deviations from accepted practices in carrying out or reporting results from research,”
Be in all newsgroups and letters to the editor freshly remember'd.
This story shall the good man teach his son;
And Crispin Crispian shall ne'er go by,
From this day to the ending of the world,
But Bellesiles in it shall be remember'd;
Those few, those unhappy few, that band of liars;
For the antigun organizations that associated with Bellesiles
Shall be branded liars; be they e'er so vile,
This day shall remind the American people of their condition
And charlatans in the Brady Center and the VPC now a-bed
Shall think themselves accursed they were here,
And hold their cause cheap whiles any speaks
Of Michael Bellesiles' resignation upon Saint Crispin's day.

Promoters of Election Fraud

FEC Issues Record Fines In Democrats' Scandals (click for complete story at the Washington Post)
Commission Faults Players in 1996 Foreign Fundraising

By Thomas B. Edsall and Edward Walsh
Washington Post Staff Writers
Saturday, September 21, 2002; Page A05

The Federal Election Commission disclosed yesterday it has imposed a record-setting $719,000 in fines against
participants in the 1996 Democratic Party fundraising scandals involving contributions from China, Korea and other
foreign sources.

The FEC documents describe Democratic fundraisers who set specific prices for foreign nationals to make illegal
campaign contributions in return for meetings with then-President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore. A Democratic finance vice chair, for example, said organizers would have to contribute $100,000 in return for Gore's appearance at a Buddhist temple in Los Angeles.

"Should Dogs Vote?" asks the Wall Street Journal's editorial page on 3/1/02.

Dogs and dead people don't have a constitutional right to vote, but more of them are going to start turning up at the polls if Senate Democrats, led by New York's Charles Schumer, have their way.
...Unfortunately, some 95% of Motor Voter registrants don't vote, but their names are available for political operatives and others to misuse. A St. Louis dog once registered.

We know that John Ashcroft (R-MO) lost his Senate seat in a close race in 2000. Part of the reason was Democrats who kept the polls open late in urban (heavily Democratic) areas, and maybe that dog also voted for Ashcroft's opponent. The article also cites a New York Post article that says New York City has 11,642 voters who are illegally registered in both New York and Florida. Now it's easy to see how Charles "Putzhead" Schumer got that Senate seat away from Alfonse d'Amato, and why Schumer wants to keep those illegal voters, dogs, and dead people on the rolls. Come to think of it, Hillary Clinton also got elected in New York, and one would have to be brain dead to vote for her. Corpses are, of course, brain dead, so they make ideal Democratic voters given the proper assistance from the Democratic National Committee and its accomplices.

And don't forget that Al Gore lost Florida, and the 2000 Presidential election, by fewer than 400 packs of cigarettes which, if given to the right people, would have yielded the same quantity of votes. Schumer, and Hillary Clinton (D-NY), are probably gnashing their teeth and wishing that the Chicago party machine had shown up with a few hundred tombstones before the general election. "Come on, you guys have a lock on Chicago, you don't need ALL those graveyards for yourselves... let Al use a couple of them this November. Yes, we KNOW they're Chicago residents, and those mummies have been at the Field Museum for decades, but since when has voting in two different states been a problem?"

Richard Daley Sr., the crooked father of Chicago's current mayor: "I NEVER said that the only good Democrat was a dead Democrat. For crying out loud, I'M a Democrat. I said, 'All dead people in Chicago are good Democrats!'"

More about the Democratic Party's ethics and its attempt to steal the Presidency through election fraud. This is the party of Jesse "Hymietown" Jackson, Al "Want to read my list of honkies who (according to me) raped Tawana Brawley, while my followers trash a Jewish neighborhood" Sharpton, BlowJobBilly Clinton (the sexual harasser, the person who had sex, depending on what you mean by sex, with a subordinate in his workplace, the accused rapist, and the person who allegedly took money from Mainland China to finance his election), Albert Gore, Richard "Son of Night of the Voting Dead Daley" Daley, and other dregs of humanity.

Brady Center fined $26K for failing to report campaign expenditures

Second Amendment Foundation link:

"According to the FEC, the Brady Campaign's so-called Voter Education Fund didn't report $111,777 it spent opposing Kentucky Rep. Ernest Fletcher, or the $99,731 it spent trying to beat Rep. Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania," Gottlieb noted. "Can you imagine the outrage that anti-gunners would be spewing if a gun rights organization failed to report more than $211,000 in campaign expenditures, especially if the money was spent to unseat some gun control fanatic?

Dishonest and Incompetent: Gray Davis (D-CA) Gray Davis (D-CA) recently signed legislation to allow his trial lawyer friends to file lawsuits against gun manufacturers. This is prima facie evidence of Davis' lack of character, ethics, and integrity. A person of character would understand that suing gun manufacturers for reckless or criminal use of their products is like suing auto manufacturers for the actions of drunk drivers, or even killers who intentionally drive a vehicle into a crowd of people

Davis also presided over rolling blackouts that crippled his state's economy and destroyed thousands of jobs. His endorsement of carbon dioxide regulations (backdoor implementation of the discredited Kyoto Global Warming Treaty) is prima facie evidence of his incompetence.

"This [a proposed paid leave law] is one more reason for job creators to leave what was once an entrepreneureal mecca. The recent survey, by Development Counsellors International, found that 57% of 283 executives rated California the worst state in the nation in which to locate a business. A distant second at 36% was that other liberal hotbed, New York, while the New England state formerly known as Taxachusetts was third at 18%" ("Paris, California," Wall Street Journal, 27 September 2002, page A14).

Thank you, Gray Davis!

Gun control supporters threaten Second Amendment Sister with anthrax

"On Thursday, I received a large Hallmark greeting card in the mail. ... Imagine my surprise when I read these words scrawled under the pre-printed greeting: 'Gun Whores like you are the cause of soceity's violence. Anthrax to you!" --Pam Carneal, PA State Coordinator, Second Amendment Sisters. Volume 2, Issue 2, Autumn 2002

Terroristic threats by U.S. mail are, incidentally, a felony. It is heap bad medicine, heap bad juju, to use the U.S. Mail for illegal activities. Anthrax jokes by mail are especially Not A Good Thing. What next? Will they threaten to get Million Mom March organizer Barbara Lipscomb (or Graham) out on parole, give her a .223 rifle, and have her start shooting Second Amendment supporters? (She's the convicted violent felon who gunned down an innocent man in "revenge" for an attack on her son.)

Honorary Traitors* for Gun Control

  1. Jane Fonda, "Hanoi Jane," who posed in a North Vietnamese gun emplacement during the Vietnam War is a prominent gun control supporter.*
  2. President William Jefferson Clinton, who is believed to have taken campaign money from Mainland China, supports gun control. **

* Jane Fonda is legally innocent of treason; she has never been convicted of this crime. Hence the category "honorary traitor" as opposed to plain "traitor." My personal opinion is that anyone who poses with and cheerleads for people who are killing American soldiers is morally a traitor. It's quite possible that, since the United States was not legally at war with North Vietnam, Ms. Fonda could not have "given aid and comfort to the enemy" under the legal definition. I am not a lawyer, this is my speculation. Lesson: next time, declare war or stay out. (I can imagine Bill Clinton in Lyndon Johnson's place. Someone asks him what we're doing in Vietnam. "Well, that depends on what you mean by 'war.'")
** Bill Clinton is legally not a traitor, although common sense says there's something inherently wrong with taking campaign money from a hostile foreign power. It's illegal for an employee of a U.S. corporation (like a defense department supplier) to give anything- even an advertising novelty of minimal value- to a Federal employee.

Common Cause President Scott Harshbarger

Common Cause files an ethics complaint about John Ashcroft for disagreeing with them and Handgun Control Inc, aka the Brady Center, aka Center to Prevent Handgun Violence (all those aka-s, "also known as-es," remind one of a hoodlum with a mile-long rap sheet, don't they?)

(Washington, D.C.) The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence and Common Cause today filed an ethics complaint against Attorney General John D. Ashcroft, asserting that the Attorney General violated his ethical obligations to his client, the United States, by sending a letter to the National Rifle Association (NRA) that impermissibly undermines the official U.S. legal position in pending litigation.

Let's take a look at Mr. Harshbarger's background: "Judgment in Massachusetts," by Dorothy Rabinowitz The Wall Street Journal, Tuesday, August 24, 1999

One can doubt whether the justices will achieve their cherished finality. The issue is headed either to federal courts or to the desk of Gov. Paul Cellucci, who could use the pardon power to reverse a clear miscarriage of justice. While Mr. Cellucci has maintained a careful silence about the Amirault case, last fall he narrowly defeated Scott Harshbarger, then state attorney general and now head of Common Cause, who has consistently defended the victory he won as the original Amirault prosecutor.

The type of evidence on which the Amiraults were convicted (emphasis is mine): "The Children Behind the Glass" By Dorothy Rabinowitz  05/15/1996 The Wall Street Journal Page A14  (Copyright (c) 1996, Dow Jones & Company, Inc.) Bracketed comments are mine.

Former district attorney and now Attorney General of Massachusetts Scott Harshbarger , whose office prosecuted the Amiraults, has continued to offer assurances and proclamations that justice was done in the Fells Acres case.

[Mr. Harshbarger continues to insist that justice was done, well, let's take a look at the justice that was done.]

...[The defendant] had, it was alleged, plunged a butcher knife into the rectum of a four year old, which he had had great trouble removing, according to the prosecution's child witness -- and, according to this witness, when Gerald told another teacher what he was doing with the knife, she simply warned  him not to do it again. Nothing about this testimony prevented Gerald Amirault 's conviction on the charge that he raped the child with a butcher knife -- one which miraculously left no signs of injury. The same young witness produced testimony about a visit from a green and yellow and silver robot from "Star Wars," who bit her on the arm. There were charges of molestation in magic rooms by bad clowns, extracted by determined interviewers. The Amiraults had slaughtered bluebirds, child witnesses said, tied a naked boy to a tree while all the other teachers and children stood around watching.

[Mr. Harshbarger: have the same butcher knife plunged into your own rectum by a proctologist, a physician who can do it without, for example, piercing your large intestine, if it's humanly possible. If he can then withdraw it and leave no signs of injury, I might be willing to believe your statement that "justice was done" in the Amirault case. It's too bad the Amiraults' defense attorney didn't think of making this suggestion during the trial.]

...When the Fells Acres trials ended in convictions, and the TV cameras were gone, when the state's attorneys had finished celebrating their model prosecution (as the case was billed at the time) and Scott Harshbarger had won re-election -- when it was all over the Amiraults were left holding on to one another, and what remained of life.

More about the prosecution team's evidence-gathering methods. "Justice in Massachusetts" By Dorothy Rabinowitz 05/13/1997  The Wall Street Journal  Page A22  (Copyright (c) 1997, Dow Jones & Company, Inc.)

...the plea prosecutors made, especially to juries: "Believe the children." Children don't lie about things like sex accusations, prosecutors, including those in the Amirault case, insisted. "Believe the children" apparently meant, however -- as any reading of their interrogations pleading with children to tell about their abuse shows -- that the children were to be believed only when they agreed, after long persuasion, they had been molested. Otherwise, they were not to be believed -- considered "not yet ready to disclose" when they repeatedly insisted, as they so often did, that nothing had happened to them.

Who is Dorothy Rabinowitz? Well, Buffy the Vampire Slayer may be a fictional character but the likes of Scott Harshbarger probably react to Ms. Rabinowitz the way a movie vampire reacts to a cross (or bright sunlight, i.e. the light of day).

Ms. Rabinowitz is a three-time Pulitzer Prize finalist. She received the 1997 Champion of Justice Award from the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers in recognition of her journalistic achievements and commending her in particular for her writing on false sexual abuse charges. In 1993 she won the Distinguished Writing Award from the American Society of Newspaper Editors in the commentary category.

Janet Reno and the Grant Snowden case, includes an excerpt from Dorothy Rabinowitz

Massachusetts' proud history of "finality," and prosecutorial assurances that "justice was done."

[JUDGE] JOHN HATHORNE: Now, Martha Corey, there is abundant evidence in our hands to show that you have given yourself to the reading of fortunes. Do you deny it?

MARTHA COREY: I am innocent to a witch. I know not what a witch is.

HATHORNE: How do you know, then, that you are not a witch?

MARTHA COREY: If I were, I would know it.

ELIZABETH: Giles is dead.

PROCTOR: When were he hanged?

ELIZABETH: He were not hanged. He would not answer aye or nay to his indictment for if he denied the charge they'd hang him surely, and auction out his property. So he stand mute, and died Christian under the law. And so his sons will have his farm.  It is the law, for he could not be condemned a wizard without he answer the indictment, aye or nay.

PROCTOR: Then he does he die?

ELIZABETH: They press him, John.

 PROCTOR: Press?

ELIZABETH: Great stones they lay upon his chest until he plead aye or nay. They say he give them but two words. 'More weight," he says. And died.

PROCTOR: 'More weight.'

ELIZABETH: Aye. It were a fearsome man, Giles Corey.

from Arthur Miller, The Crucible

Pressing is no longer a legal method of obtaining testimony but I recall reading that child witnesses in the Wenatchee (WA) witch hunt child molesting trials were held by government Inquisitors child welfare workers until they provided the "correct" testimony. This sounds a lot like the 18th century practice of sequestering jurors without fire, food, or water until they returned the "correct" verdict. Judge Hathorne was, incidentally, an ancestor of Nathaniel Hawthorne, who added the "w" to disassociate himself from the now-infamous judge.

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