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NEW (April 2013)

  • U.S. Justice Department warned Michael Bloomberg's office against running unauthorized firearm sting operations; said conduct bordered on straw purchases.
  • Gun Owners Against Illegal Mayors. More than 1% of MAIG members are criminals, or under indictment!

Site Map. Roman soldiers by Albert Charles August Racinet (1825-1893), 1888

The Legate (Strategy)
The commander of a Roman Legion had to develop and apply strategies to achieve victory. 

  • Official position statement: why I am fighting gun control.
  • A strategy for counteracting gun control in the United States.
  • Reporting misconduct by antigun groups: fundraising fraud, abuse of 501(c)(3) tax exempt status
  • Research links (This page: new, 3/11/01)
The Signifer (Royalty-Free Leaflets) 
The standard bearer played a key role in communications.

So do these royalty-free 8.5 by 11 inch pro-Second Amendment dowloadable propaganda* leaflets- formatted for easy photocopying and distribution.
* Propaganda = communication of ideas; it can be truthful or not. HCI, Bill Clinton, and the Million Mom March lie, so we'll tell the truth about them.

(The following are external resources and in no way do they imply endorsement of this domain or each other by this website.)  Where as today, we have answering services houston to help with answering communications. We also just pick up the phone to communicate, some of us using our voice mail as an answering service.

The Centurion (Gun Safety)
This Roman noncommissioned officer played a key role in training and discipline. Self-discipline is a key aspect of responsible firearm ownership and use.
The Legionary (vs. Million Mom March)
The backbone of the Roman Army; he's off to deal with the Million Mom March. Information about the Million Mom March's improprieties from 1999 through the present. Alleged misuse of 501(c)(3) tax-exempt money, inaccuracies in the group's year 2000 tax return, and recent disciplinary action by the Federal Election Commission.
Centurion, Legio II (on our Enemies)
Experienced centurions learned all about the enemies of Rome.  Here's some information about our enemies.
The Statue (Humor)
He doesn't know what else to do, so let's have some fun:
Signifer, Legio II (New Developments)
(12/05/03) Brady Center fined $26K by Federal Election Commission for failing to disclose campaign expenditures
(11/07/03) Rosie O'Donnell mocks breast cancer survivor.
(9/9/03) Governor Gray Davis (D-CA) signs legislation to allow illegal aliens to get California driver's licenses, thus enabling them to buy firearms illegally.
(1/12/03) Senator Robert Byrd (D-KKK) opposes Second Amendment.
(1/2/03) Senator Bill Frist (R-TN) gives emergency aid to crash victims, showing once again that Second Amendment supporters are responsibile citizens.
(1/2/03) Warning for owners of electronic-only gun cabinets: EMI
(11/9/02) Gun control movement benefactor George Soros on trial in France for insider trading (he was later convicted)
(11/6/02) Million Mom March "fact sheet" royalty-free leaflet.
(10/25/02) Saint Crispin's Day: Michael Bellesiles, author of Arming America, resigns from Emory University. Columbia University later revoked Bellesiles' Bancroft Prize, the first time any author has been so disgraced.
(10/11/02) Gun control advocates threaten Second Amendment Sister with anthrax
(7/4/02) Million Mom March tax return (Form 990) for fiscal 2000. Decide for yourself whether it's accurate. (I have, in fact, sent the material on this page to both the IRS and to Attorney General Ashcroft.)
Legionary, Legio II (Other)

Laws for Kennedys vs. laws for everyone else (please feel free to copy and circulate)
Here is a guide to gun (and other laws) in the United States. Please feel free to circulate as widely as possible.

  1. If you drive while drunk (or impaired by medications and alcohol), you get arrested, lose your driver's license, and possibly go to jail unless you are a Kennedy, in which you get a free ride home from the Capitol police.
    • Corollary: the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and the whiskey bottle doesn't fall far from a staggering Kennedy's hand.
  2. If you kill someone because you were driving drunk, you go to jail unless you are a Kennedy, in which case you go to the Senate of the United States.
  3. If you possess a gun, let alone carry an automatic weapon into a Senate office building, in Washington DC then you go to jail unless you are Ted (hic!) Kennedy's bodyguard, in which case you get a free pass.
    • Anti-gun U.S. Senator Carol Moseley-Braun, a lawyer, who "doesn't know" whether her .22 caliber pistol is registered in Chicago, as required. [BTW, that's a crime ...]
  4. If you try to bypass a Federal security checkpoint and assault a police officer for trying to stop you, you get arrested and possibly go to jail unless you are Cynthia McKinney, in which case you scream "Racism!" and get off.
  5. You are not allowed to own a gun unless you are Rosie O'Donnell or her bodyguard, in which case you are allowed to own a gun.
  6. If you merely possess a handgun in Washington DC, let alone recklessly endanger the neighborhood while hitting a trespasser with a "warning shot," you go to jail unless you are an influential columnist like Carl Rowan.

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News, updates and current events

Gun controllers threaten Second Amendment Sister with anthrax
"On Thursday, I received a large Hallmark greeting card in the mail. ... Imagine my surprise when I read these words scrawled under the pre-printed greeting: 'Gun Whores like you are the cause of soceity's violence. Anthrax to you!" --Pam Carneal, PA State Coordinator, Second Amendment Sisters. Volume 2, Issue 2, Autumn 2002

Terroristic threats by U.S. mail are, incidentally, a felony. It is heap bad medicine, heap bad juju, to use the U.S. Mail for illegal activities. Anthrax jokes by mail are especially Not A Good Thing. What next? Will they threaten to get Million Mom March organizer Barbara Lipscomb (or Graham) out on parole, give her a .223 rifle, and have her start shooting Second Amendment supporters? (She's the convicted violent felon who gunned down an innocent man in "revenge" for an attack on her son.)

Senator Bill Frist (R-TN) gives emergency aid to crash victims, showing once again that Second Amendment supporters are responsibile citizens.

"The Tennessee Republican -- who was driving near the accident scene --stopped and helped emergency workers treat the crash victims after their vehicle rolled over several times after an apparent tire blowout." I wonder if your typical Million Mom Marcher would have even bothered to call 911 on a cell phone upon coming on a crash scene.

Michael Bellesiles resigns from Emory University. Columbia University revokes Bancroft Prize for Bellesiles' Arming America. Alfred Knopf discontinues publication of this discredited book. Yet another shining example of the scholarship and ethics of the anti-Second Amendment camp.

Gun control supporter Gray Davis (D-CA) signs legislation that will allow illegal aliens to get California drivers' licenses. These licenses can then be used as identification for purchasing firearms, which illegal aliens are not allowed to possess. They could, in fact, be used by terrorists for this purpose.

Electronic gun cabinets: electromagnetic interference (EMI) warning

I would personally advise against buying any gun cabinet or gun storage box that has an electronic-only lock, even with a battery backup. Per Ivan Amato, "Crossed Signals: the wireless threat to our electronic infrastructure" (U.S. News & World Report, 16 December 2002, 54-56), "Virtually any electronic system could be disabled, or even destroyed, by electromagnetic interference." The article describes how a high school student built a prototype EMI weapon from scavanged parts and shut down his computer and phone lines in tests.

Almost-homemade EMI weapons have also been successful in disabling cars, radios, medical intravenous pumps.  A more-powerful EMI weapon (trailer-sized) fried engine control computers at 1000 yards (almost a kilometer). Japanese criminals used an EMI device to make a Pachninko machine spit out cash.

The danger of criminals or terrorists disabling gun storage cabinets (so they can't be opened) and the electronics of any "smart guns" that anyone was stupid enough to purchase for self-protection is obvious. My personal advice (does not constitute engineering advice) is to buy mechanical-only or electronic plus mechanical lock backup gun storage cabinets.

Robert Byrd (D-KKK) opposes Second Amendment "Strongly Opposes Absolute right to gun ownership." Well, we have to keep those nig African-Americans from owning Negrotown Saturday Night Specials, don't we? Meanwhile, per

A spokesman for Sen. Robert Byrd, D-W.V., told protesters this week that he wasn't sure whether his boss had helped lynch any African-Americans when the top Senate Democrat was a member of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1940s.

A sheet can come back to haunt you even if a ghost isn't wearing it!

  • Robert Byrd as ASCII Klansman, holding a burning cross.
  • Klansman with hangman's rope wearing Million Mom March sheet and objecting to "Negrotown Saturday Night Specials." "Negro" isn't the word they used, either.
  • Klansman with swastika praising the American Jewish Congress and Union of American Hebrew Congregations for their anti-Second Amendment work.

Robert Byrd used to like Iron Maiden until he discovered that "The Clansman" ("I am a clansman!") was about a Scotsman (based on William Wallace) and not a member of the sheet-and-hood fraternity.

Breaking the Cycle of Violence
 (contributed by Yardpilot, talk.politics.guns. Used by permission)

Tie the Rope of Eternal Blessings to the Saintly Tree Limb of Blessed Justice.
Climb the Ladder of Blissful Ignorance.
Place the Circle of Peace around your neck.
Walk on air till you achieve Nirvana.
Violence will bother you no more.

"The meek shall inherit the earth, one meter wide by two meters long." -- Robert A. Heinlein
"Those who have no swords can still die on them."
--Eowyn, in J.R.R. Tolkein's The Lord of the Rings
"Those who live by the sword kill those without swords and go on living." --a  movie about the life of Jesus

Reasons for turning down gun license applications in South Africa

(Source: American Rifleman, November 2003, p. 73. The Brady Campaign would like its minions to have this kind of "discretionary authority" throughout the United States.)

  • "You are too old."
    • Senior citizens should not be able to protect themselves.
  • "Your husband can protect you."
    • Women should have to rely on men for protection.
  • "You do not have the right type of house to have a firearm."
  • "You have not been attacked yet."


Defending your Second Amendment rights: see the links at right

Historical comment: the soldier's breastplate is a lorica segmentata (segmented armor). The javelin is a pilum, and it was normally thrown into the enemy ranks as the Romans closed with their enemies. The soldier used his gladius (short sword) from behind the protection of his scutum (tower shield). His footwear consists of caligae (boots or military sandals, doubtlessly good for many miles).

The Romans won their wars because they were highly trained and disciplined, and they never gave up.

Research Links

Center for Disease Control mortality rates by cause. statistics page; get crime data by locality and zip code
United States Crime Statistics with breakdown by states

Rate your risk for murder, assault, and burglary. Security pointers for reducing your risk of becoming a crime victim.

The People in the White Hats:
National organizations are in large type. Click on the scutum (tower shield) to go there.

American Liberty Foundation (Harry Browne, Libertarian)

Armed Females of America
Citizen's Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Citizens of America (Brian Puckett)
Concealed Carry Inc.
Crimetalk radio show, hosted by Stephen Wolf

  Dating Safety: A Self Defense Resource Guide for Women
Doctors for Responsibile Gun Ownership. Physicians for Social Responsibility and Doctors Against Handgun Injury are the disease, DRGO is the cure!
Dutchess County Pistol Association (local interest: Mid-Hudson region, New York)
New (8/4/99) Equal Rights for CCW (Carry Concealed Weapons) Home Page  (CA)

Front Sight Training Institute
Gun Owners of America (GOA) Great downloadable leaflets and posters!
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO)

Keep And Bear Arms (KABA)
Law Enforcement Alliance of America (LEAA)
The Lawyer's Second Amendment Society, Inc. (LSAS)
Lethal Force Institute Masaad Ayoob, author of In the Gravest Extreme and The Truth About Self-Protection- books discuss gun safety and when not to shoot- See the Lethal Force Institute Police Bookshelf. 
Libertarian Party (California)
Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Ownership (MCRGO)
Mothers' Arms
The National Rifle Association (NRA) Concealed Carry database and discussion
Paxton Quigley, "Armed and Female"
Pink Pistols "No one ever gay-bashed a .45."
Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms Center
The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF)
Second Amendment Sisters "No one ever raped a .38."
Shooters' Committee on Political Education (SCOPE), New York State
Tyranny Response Team, California's effort to repeal SB23 (California)
Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc.
Oleg Volk's Right to Keep and Bear Arms Page
Women Against Gun Control  "No one ever raped a 12-gauge"

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